There is much more to shipping your valuables than placing them inside a container bound for your preferred destination. We take seriously our job of ensuring that your shipments arrive safely, timely and most importantly intact. 

We have packaging solutions for everyone, whether your shipments are small or large. Our trained team will securely pack your shipment and ensure that it arrives at its destination undamaged. 

Packaging Solutions


Traditional cardboard barrels and plastic barrels are standard for shipping personal items that can be mingled easily. Plastic barrels can be repurposed for water storage once it has been emptied at your destination.

Cardboard Containers
If your shipment needs more space or is made up of several small pieces and boxes, you may prefer an E- or an even larger, D-Container. We build your D-Container onsite affixed to a pallet which means you benefit by paying one bulk rate for a palate as opposed to shipping several pieces. You will be amazed at just how much you can fit into one of these cardboard containers!

Plywood Crating
Sometimes even a D-Container isn't large enough. Let us build a sturdy plywood box to protect your precious contents and prevent loss.  Your plywood box can hold very large amounts and are ideal for shipments that contain several square-edged items that may damage be damaged under normal shipping conditions. Crates are also ideal for small commercial shippers and realize savings on shipping costs.

Unless you are shipping a brand new appliance still in the box, your furniture and appliances will need to be packaged and shrink wrapped to prevent paint chipping, tearing of fabric and damage.

Professionally packed shipments arrive intact!


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